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Ball Lens
Material BK7, Sapphire,Fuses Silica,ruby
Diameter Tolerance +0/-0.0025mm,grade 10
Sphericity +/-0.00025mm,grade 10
Surface Quality 40/20,60/40
Clear Aperture >95%
Coating  Available


Ball lenses are generally used for laser alignment focusing ,laser - optical fiber coupling, optical fiber - fiber coupling, as well as light - sensor coupling. Coupling efficiency is usually greater than 90%. In order to achieve optical fiber and another fiber (or semiconductor laser) coupled , optical fiber end face placed in the focus of the ball lens, its output light into a parallel light, put another ball lens and optical fiber placed on its axis and make them focus and face overlap.

We are able to produce ball lens with ultra-high-precision diameter and surface quality,grade 10 . We can manufacture different materials and the range of 0.8-50mm diameter ball lens according customers requirements.

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