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Diamond Turning Mirror



Off-Axis Parabolic (OAP) Mirrors are first-surface mirrors which reflective surfaces are equivalent to segments of a parent parabolic mirror. They achromatically focus a collimated beam or collimate a broadband point source, and their off-axis design spatially separates the focal point from the rest of the beam path. The all-reflective design eliminates phase delays and absorption losses introduced by transmissive optics and makes them well suited for use with femtosecond pulsed lasers. They are available with coatings below: UV-enhanced aluminum, protected aluminum, protected silver and gold.

 Angles: 15,30,45 or 90 degree

The central aperture is used to align the beam

The average reflectivity of the gold film protection is >96% at 800nm to  20um

CA: 5-200mm

Surface Quality: 40/20

Surface roughness: < 0.5um

RMS < 30A

Wavefront Error: 1/8 lambda

UV enhanced aluminum, silver, gold three kinds of coating, suitable for UV, femtosecond laser, infrared and terahertz applications.






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