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Surface Form Deviation Inspection



PTI 250RSTM ZYGO interferomenter

· Spherical radius:less than 109mm
· Plate precision:λ/20(N=0.1)
· Spherical precision:λ/10 (N=0.2)


FUJINON F601 spherical laser interferometer

· The datum plane precision: λ/20
Lenses with curvature radii of 0-270mm could be tested
Lenses with curvature radii of 0-270mm could be tested


OSI-60TP laser plane interferometer

Inspect the plane surface form (Power & Irregularity)


Dimension Inspection



ZEISS 3D coordinate Measuring Machine
1. Measure the parallelism、roundness and other dimensional dimension.
2. Measure precision: 2μm

Optical Projector
Measure precision: 0.01mm


Measure precision: 1μm

Digimatic Micromter、Dial Indicator

CPK Inspection


 Eccentricity Inspection


Eccentricity Inspection

Line deviation precision:0.01mm
Angle deviation precision:20 seconds


Reflective Inspection

Angle deviation precision:15 seconds

Coating Inspection
OLYMPUS Spectrophotometer

· Wave range: 380nm-780nm
Direct inspection of spherical surface reflectivity
Valianw Cary 5000 Spectrophotometer

· Wave range 175~3300nm
· OD10
· High wave length accuracy
HITACHI U-4001 Spectrophotometer
· Application: High reflection of mirror, AOI 45 degree or 12 degree.
· Wave range:185nm-3199nm
· Transmission Inspection for plane.
· Inspect the transmission of spherical lens with integrating sphere.
SHIMADZU UV-2450PC Spectrophotometer
· Wave range: 190~1100nm nm.
· It has an integrated sphere that could inspect the transmittance of spherical surface.
· Low reflection inspection, AOI 5 degree.
· Transmission Inspection for plane.

Based on our advanced inspection equipment,we can produce high quality lens,prism,waveplate,beasmplitter,polarizer,filter,mirror,window,laser and microscope for you.

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