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Light Pipe Prism

CPV technology combines its proprietary high-concentration, compound-reflective optical design with the record-setting efficiency of multi-junction solar cells. Each system incorporates power units comprised of primary and secondary mirrors, a non-imaging optical element and a triple-junction solar cell. The primary and secondary mirrors focus the sun’s energy 500 times onto the optical rod, which guides the light onto the high-efficiency solar cell that is more than twice as efficient as the average silicon cell.

We can make the different shapes of solar prism per your needs,like pyramid shape with flat top face or spherical or aspherical top face too.

Dimension tolerance ±0.05~0.15mm
Angle tolerance ±5′~10′
Bevel 0.2~0.4mm
Surface Quality 60/40~40/20
N 0.5~3
△N 0.2~0.5

Material: All kinds of high quality optical glass, N-BK7, N-BAK4. etc





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