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JG InterNational is a fully integrated optical manufacturing center, capable of fabricating spherical,aspherical,flat and assemblies,such as Lenses,ball lens, Prisms,corner cube prism, Windows, Mirrors, Beamsplitters, Filters, Waveplate, KTP,Nd:YVO4,Cr:YAG,Grooved crystal and bonded crystals,,laser,laser diodes and micrscope. We utilize a wide range of optical manufacturing technologies to create standard and customerized optical elements, systems, and sub-assemblies.We have the strong scientific development group with the main force of professors, postgraduates, undergraduates and technicals on chemistry, mechanics , electromechanical ,computer science and also physics, and formed complete and perfect production-management-system.

Our strategy is to offer our customers a competitive advantage in their marketplace by providing direct access to our expert resources (engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and service organizations). In evaluating a product, sub-assembly or sub-system, we perform a rapid feasibility review.

Nowadays,it is the top level under advanced instruments and high quality control system, such as the developed technology,adopts the automatic computer control system.Additionally, it has the high degree of integration, stable and reliable performance, and standard control programme to achieve control of crystal growing and collection and result output,and also that would be the best guaranty than any others , which is considered to be among the top here. 

Our quality control and assurance department sets a series of complete standards for the optical components. Our large quality department tightly controls manufacturing processes and quality procedures and keeps inspection records. Every product is strictly inspected to meet our standards or specifications required by customers. Inspection reports and pictures are available upon request. 

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